RTP Co. Ltd, as an active company in the fields of Control, Robotics and Printed Electronics, offers its new medical robot, K1 LifeBot which can not only assist doctors and nurses in providing patients with effective healthcare, but also considerably alleviate their heavy duties.

The K1 LifeBot is exclusively designed to provide a safer medium through which doctors can safely communicate with patients infected by contagious and infectious diseases, including Corona. In addition, due to the fully sealed body design, exploiting the K1 LifeBot is certainly a promising approach for isolated environments in hospitals or any other areas that require minimum human traffic.

The K1 LifeBot is a great choice to be considered for various hospital applications such as patients’ rooms, laboratories, different sorts of isolated rooms and even clinics.


  • Measuring patients’ vitals including temperature, heart beat rate and blood oxygen level
  • Delivering food and medicine to different rooms
  • Enabling doctors to communicate with their patients via video calls


  • The robot sealed body prevents its internal area from being contaminated.
  • The trays are equipped with anti-slip pairs which prevent food and medicine from falling whenever the robot moves.
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