Water, Wastewater and the Environment

Water pollution is often due to a lack of sanitary collection and disposal of solid waste, urban and industrial wastewater (including all kinds of pollutants), pesticides and other chemical agricultural substances. This pollution can be a potential risk to public health and the environment.

According to scientific research, these pollutants consist of several kinds of disease factors, harmful mineral and organic materials, the identification, separation, and treatment of which are difficult and expensive.

So in Barsam, we invest in scientific and creative teams in this field.

Electronic Industry

Micro and nano-electronic infrastructure is the basis for many industries such as automotive and home appliance.

Barsam Company invests in this field and seeks to develop infrastructure sectors in electronics industry.

Healthcare Industry

Public health is one of the most important and vital areas in any country. 

Due to the growing rate of cancer in Iran and the world, cancer diagnosis and treatment is one of the priorities of investment in our company.

Advanced Materials

the needs of industrial factories