The best hospital air purifier, in addition to having different filtrations, such as HEPA14, carbon filter and wire filter; It also has a plasma reactor.

All air must pass through this reactor, which has an electromagnetic field. In this reactor, all the pathogens in the air are destroyed and deactivated at a very high speed, unlike the UV lamp.

Due to the fact that plasma ions are released from the Penta hospital air purifier, it has the possibility of disinfecting all the air and surfaces that are loaded with microbial and viral contamination.
The best hospital air purifier

The hospital air purifier made by Penta company with cold plasma technology has the ability to clean all the air around it from all kinds of germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Penta assures to provide a clean environment away from any infectious contamination for patients, doctors and treatment staff.

One of the points of the hospital air disinfection device is to change the filtration of the device, which plays an important role in air purification. Penta hospital air purifier, considering the plasma reactor embedded in it, compared to all existing air purifiers; It requires replacing the HEPA filter later and the efficiency of air filtration has been greatly increased.

- With atmospheric cold plasma technology
- High efficiency of destruction of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.
Disinfection of the environment and surfaces around the device with plasma ions
- Ability to purify and disinfect air for 450 cubic meters per hour
- Exhaust fan designed with low power consumption and low noise production
- Has all the approvals and certificates of effectiveness of the device from the official authorities of the Ministry of Health
- The body cover has a glossy waterproof electrostatic paint
- Installing the best type of HEPA filter in the system
- 18-month warranty and 10-year after-sales service