D.G.Nanotech Company

D.G.Nanotech Company is a knowledge-based company that started its work in 2017 with the cooperation of the best pharmaceutical experts in the field of producing cosmetics. The company has been producing 3 Nano-based products including anti-acne gel, moisturizing cream and moisturizing gel under the brand name Felicita (meaning happiness) since 2019. However, there are other products namely sunscreen gel, anti-spot cream-gel, and an anti-cracked hand and heels cream that are going through the manufacturing licensing stages. D.G.Nanotech competitive advantage is using Nanotechnology in its Products and reaching a production capacity of 1 to 5 million tubes per year for 5 products in the case of purchasing a filling machine and setting up the company's production line besides using the current production line in Hamedan.

By using the latest scientific achievements as well as the cooperation of dermatologists, this brand is in a constant effort to invent new products and improve the quality of its current products. 

By staying in touch with its customer and according to their level of satisfaction, Felicita constantly tries to increases the quality of its products as it believes maintaining this feature as its main mission.

  • presenting the beauty and specialized Skin Care for women and men.
  • Drawing the long-term horizon of being among the top 10 brands in the field of cosmetics in the Middle East, and a look at the European market.
    • use the latest scientific findings in the world
    • employ committed and specialized employees, 
    • being customer orientated, 
    • remaining competitive in the new scientific fields

Product list

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