BersamTech is a venture capital holding with an investment focus on project and companies that spearhead innovation in different fields of Industry such as Water, Wastewater and the and Technology (NBIC). If you are looking to develop your plan or company, contact us


Barsam Tech Holding Company is on its way to becoming one of the top venture capital companies in Iran with a time horizon of 5 years. Our mission is investing in 90 startups in the field of nanotechnology and different areas of technology. NBIC

Our strategy is to unlock the full potential of Knowledge enterprise with capital, mentorship and strategic relationships.

an investment portfolio with:

  1. 25 companies (minimum capital: $ 2.5 million) 
  2. 5 companies (minimum capital: $ 5 million)
  3. global investment (at least 10%) 

Investment standard

  • Creative and capable teams
  • Has the ability to grow in the next 5 years
  • Revenues of $to $

Investment Size

  • A minimum investment and maximum investments typically ranging from to 
  • We lead investments, but at some condition we co-invest in projects