Printed electronics is a new technology used for coating, circuit and electronic parts production.  The first sample of printed electronics in circuits backs to 1950. Commercialization and a transformation from research phase to production phase has done in the past decade. In general, there are two production methods, the first one is layer to layer and the other one is continuous. The continuous method speed is high and used for massive production of simple circuits and parts. Layer to layer method is so easy for operators they can print different designed circuits easily. Our projects is layer to layer method samples and our offer for production is according to this method. Printers which are used for this application consist of 2DOF or 3 DOF table (depend on under layer materials), head, cartridge, material injection system and a processor system. By using this technology production cost of circuits and parts reduce significantly and since there is no need for lithography, production speed increases. Besides, weight and thickness of the circuits and parts decrease and prints on flexible, bigger and curved surfaces will be applicable.


  • Intelligent labels
  • Flexible display
  • Animation posters
  • Clothes
  • Sensors