Treata Robot

Treata robot is a rehabilitation robot and using for strengthening the arm of people with brain stroke.

For increasing the efficiency of the brain of patient a software like a play is designed and the patient follow specific targets. Repeating of this action both in passive and active version not only strength the muscles but also improve the brain function. This robot is designed and produced for medical engineering universities and institutions for research purpose. The first idea of this robot is taken from MIT and Johns Hopkins University and is optimized and modified according to customer’s requirement. Treata is a result of a cooperation of medical engineering faculty of Amirkabir University of technology and RTP Company. This robot is open architecture so it helps students for research projects. Robot control can be done by Simulink so control changes and strategy change of the system is possible.

Systems mechanism is made by precise fixtures and in addition to high accuracy, parts can be replace because it is made in Iran. In order to use a system, an operator is need to help patient. The control of the system is done by PC.