Topical Nanoliposomal Gel 0.4% Amphotericin B

Antileishmanial and antifungal agent


•Treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by different species of leishmania parasites

•Treatment of recurrent and chronic topical fungal infections including dermatophytes


•Amphotericin B is the most effective drug for the treatment of fungal and protozoan infections such as leishmaniasis.

•Amphotericin B acts by binding to the sterol component of a cell membrane, forms pores or channels in sterol-containing membranes, which changes permeability of cell membrane and causes leakage of protons, monovalent cations and other cell constituents leading to cell death. The affinity of Amphotericin B for ergosterol (the primary sterol of fungal and leishmanial membrane) is almost 10-fold higher than cholesterol (the primary sterol of mammalian membrane). Therefore, in the therapeutic doses that Amphotericin B kills fungal and leishmanial microorganism has minimal effects on mammalian cells.