In unforeseen circumstances and in critical situations, especially when some natural phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, wars, etc. occur; Access to safe and secure water is usually limited. One way to deal with this is to provide safe methods of on-site water treatment. In this regard, Daneshpajohan Sanat Nano Company has relied on membrane knowledge to build a mobile water purification system. This water purification system is designed for different conditions. Especially in areas where access to safe and safe drinking water is usually limited, one of the safest ways to use this water purifier is. In these systems, all the tools and equipment needed for purification are placed in one package. These easy-to-carry systems can reach the site in the shortest possible time and provide drinking water treatment and production services.

Features of Mobile Water Purifier (CRISIS PACKAGE) 

  • Light weight and easy to carry 
  • Complete elimination of bacteria and pathogens 
  • Washable No need for electricity 
  • Complete removal of turbidity from water

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