The classic model home water purifier uses ceramic nanostructured membrane technology in its purification system. This device is the latest home water purification system that has been produced by completely Iranian technology in Daneshpajohan Sanat Nano Company.

 The classic model switch uses two steps for water purification. The first stage is the carbon bed. The carbon bed is responsible for removing the color, odor and taste of water. The second stage is the ceramic nanostructure membrane filter, which removes all water contaminants up to one micron. Due to the use of the tap on the classic model switch, it is easy to use and use this machine.

 Accordingto the World Health Organization, the most important contamination that is harmful to the human body and health is microbial contamination. Due to the mere use of chlorine during water treatment in the treatment plants of each city, the carcasses of microbes remain in the water and after a short time, with the disappearance of the effect of chlorine, the microbes begin to grow and multiply and are transferred to the water distribution network. Chlorine used in municipal treatment plants also causes rust and rot, resulting in scaling of distribution network pipes.

 Nanostructured ceramic membrane filters for classic water purifiers of the classic model by eliminating microbes and carcasses left in the water and shells of the distribution network, improve the water quality as well as minerals in the water that .are beneficial to the body and prevent Protects against osteoporosis and heart disease.