In industry, chemical solutions are used to prepare iron, steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum surfaces. Dilute phosphoric acid and other chemicals are used for this purpose. The surface of the metal reacts chemically with the acid solution to form a protective surface of phosphate crystals on the layer. This action increases the appearance of production equipment. This solution is also used to wash the surface of sharp parts to be painted with the desired quality.

 In some industries, the biggest problem is the recovery of this chemical wash solution. Because the solution used over time contains nanometer-sized suspended particles and its performance is greatly reduced. Failure to recover this solution and dispose of it in the environment imposes a high cost on the industry. Environmental pollution is the most important result of this action.

 DCWSI system of Daneshpajohan Sanat Nano Company uses ceramic nanostructures to improve the performance of this chemical solution. It also increases the performance time of this solution and increases the duration of use of this solution several times.