Sharif Fanavaran Anil Company, based on the knowledge of local experts and to apply nanotechnology in daily life, started its work in 2016.

The company has chemical products based on nanotechnology, including anti-slip solutions. The effect of the anti-slip solution remains on the surface for at least one year, and it will not change the color of the ceramic. Each package of the solution (500 ml) is suitable for an area of about 5 square meters. One of the noteworthy points about this product is that the changes made on the surface by the anti-slip solution are at the nanoscale, and the dimensions of the contaminants are usually larger than these changes, there for the use of the anti-slip on the surfaces doesn't have any effect on increasing absorption of pollution.

Suitable for covering:

• Matte ceramics

• Glossy ceramics

• Types of stone flooring

• Pool tiles